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Feedback by Head of marketing, Mantri square Mall on Sacona gameball

13yr old son and his classmate were at the mall yday and played a game or two at the gameball.He really loved the experience and below is his feedback in his own words


"The door that slides out for you to enter itself gets the attention. The game which I played was a racing game. If I had played this game on an ordinary PlayStation or Xbox I would have become bored very quickly. But here the sound effects and the virtual 3D makes it better than watching Avataar." - Mantri Square Mall,Bangalore
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A Customer after seeing his gamezone going live with Sacona 3D gameoscope

Sachin its great to see my mall going live with your products. People in my mall are waiting to use this. Heartening to see people queuing up to play.
Great, I am sure you will get lots of sales queries. - Ahemdabaad
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A gamezone visitor after seeing Sacona 3D gamedisc inside a shopping mall

Wow, what a design. Is it an Indian product? I would love to have one. - Ahemdabaad
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A head of operations retail gaming zone company on Sacona products at IAAPI Mumbai

It eases our pressure to import from China. Support and service problem is the key for us, where these conventional products score low. Sacona will score really high on design, service & support. We were searching for an Indian manufacturer and found Sacona. - IAAPI, Mumbai
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Manager Procurement of an entertainment zone on Sacona products at IAAPI Mumbai

I have been to Thailand, Malaysia searching for these products, and you were always in Bangalore. Why didn't I find you earlier? Looking forward having your products inside our park. - IAAPI, Mumbai

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