nothing is virtual about it....

Funny birds game is about catching
eggs   coming   out   of   hen houses

Game  starts  at  level  1 with 5 lives

It has  9 levels  and 4 types  of eggs

Egg falling inside basket gives 10 pts

If a player  misses  an egg one life is lost

Audio  provides  game-play  instructions
& informs when an egg is caught/missed

Catching  a  silver  egg  gives  50  bonus
pts & catching a golden egg gives a life,
catching any bomb egg reduces one life

One life is  added  after  every 100 points

Game gets over when  life becomes zero

Egg catching game in an arcade format

Designed  for  kids of age 4yrs to 18 yrs

Beautiful  design  and  attractive  colors

Lots of fun and laughter for the audience

Tests  hand-eye  coordination & reflexes

Less after sales support & maintenance

Needs only 45 or 63 sqft floor area

No operator needed to start / play

Good turn-around time and revenue

Only 700 Watts power consumption

Smart card access / billing control

Automatic  egg   collection  system

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