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Duck Throw & Basket-Ball game comes with three types of coloured balls. Basket-Ball, Throw-ball and Duck ball (Dodgeball), fired at the user with slow and fast speeds. The player will have to Catch & Throw the Throw-ball into a goalpost, Catch & Throw the Basket-ball into a basket and Duck the Dodgeball.

Digital User Interface

Duck Throw & Basket game comes with a feature that if a player wants to play only Throw-ball game or only Duck ball (Dodgeball) game or only Basket-ball game then they can play that with just a click of a button. The user gets points based on his actions.

Hi-Tech Mechatronics

Duck Throw & Basket game is completely automated and consists of various types of sensors. The game comes in two models i.e. Single player model and double player model.

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