Comes in two sizes.

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Duck and Throw Ball game comes with two types of balls, Throwball and Dodgeball, fired at the user with slow and fast speeds. The player will have to Catch & Throw the Throw-ball into a goalpost and Duck the Dodgeball. This game will come with a feature that if a player wants to play only Throw-ball game or only Duck ball (Dodgeball) game then they can play that with just a click of a button. The user gets points based on his actions. The game is completely automated and consists of various types of sensors. The game comes in two models i.e. Single player model and double player model.

Digital User Interface

Duck and Throw Ball game comes with User Interface where we can select timing of the game and the ball firing mode. The user interface also will display the game's score board digitally.

Rain Proof Outdoor Format

Duck and Throw Ball is an enclosed format which is Rainproof and can be kept outdoor or indoor.It comes with an Automated gun which can fire the balls in sequence or in a random way which can be further adjusted to Easy, Medium or Hard modes according to the player's requirement.

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